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  About Southwest Avian Solutions - Bird Control & Bat Exclusion  

We do not subscribe to fast cures, gimmicks or one method fits all. No matter how big or small a project is we look at each situation with an open mind and based on our extensive knowledge and experience analyze what is going on at that location, why are birds in this location and then recommend what we feel will look the best and what will work the best for our customer and their budget. 


Mission Statement:  

Southwest Avian Solutions means Quality Service - to provide effective, innovative solutions for Bird and Bat control problems to our customers.

Vision Statement:  

To have Southwest Avian Solutions regarded by both our customers and employees alike with appreciation and caring for being trustworthy, honest and able to solve all of our customers bird and bat control problems.

Quality of Service:  

Do it right the first time, on time, every time, even when no one is watching which is most of the time. We are accountable to our customers, peers, and ultimately to God in all things we do.

Customer Satisfaction:

We get called on to be professional problem solvers. The customer is entitled to be satisfied with the look and results of our work.


Our Company & some of our Credentials

  • After doing 5000+ buildings and structures as AzWNS we have never had a complaint filed with BBB or OPM Commission in 32 years of doing bird control or pest control in Arizona.
  • Former owner Aaardvrak Pest Control, Inc. 1981 - 1997
  • Former owner of Arizona Wings N' Stings 1997 - 2014
  • Family owned and operated since 1997
  • Better Business Bureau Program Member - A++
  • ADA Structural Pest Control Licensed in Arizona #5474
  • Have Cage code, Federal Ein # for government work
  • Fully insured - from homes to hangars.
  • Owner is a speaker on bird control at national conventions
  • Member of Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
  • Members Arizona Pest Professional Organization - AZPPO
  • Member NWCOA (Nuisance Wildlife Control Organization)
  • Member of National Pest Management Association
  • Member of NPMA Wildlife Leadership Group
  • Certified Bird Barrier Bird Control Installers
  • Certified Bird Be Gone Authorized Installers
  • Installer of Hotfoot, Nixalite, Fly-bye, Bird-X, BirdBuffer, OvoControl and Bird-Tec control and deterrents products plus many others.
  • Types of Facilities Serviced
    We have serviced 1000's of homes and businesses along with many different and unusual types of structures like freeway underpasses, gas station canopies, cooling towers, billboards, parking garages, casinos, libraries, multi-story buildings, warehouses, hangars, hospitals and any other structure where birds are a problem or hazard.

    Business hours are 8:30 am -5:00 pm Monday through Friday
  • Saturday hours are 8:30 an - 3:00 pm
    Same day service when available depending on time of year.

      Payment plans including cash, check, Visa/ Master/Discover & American Express Cards upon completion of our work  



Southwest Avian Solutions pigeon control phoenix az crew

All our employees are full time, trained and experienced ( 3 yrs. minimum - 25 yrs.) service technicians using company vehicles, not subcontracted laborers using their own personal vehicles with questionable insurance and training like some companies in the valley like to use.

We have auto and workers compensation insurance on all employees entering your property


Southwest Avian Solutions bird control van 


Effective March 01 2014 Arizona Wings N' Stings LLC will now be known as "Southwest Avian Solutions LLC"

Arizona Wings N' Stings was started in 1997 as one of only a few companies in the entire southwest that would specialized in solving human interaction problems for Pigeons and Birds where they come in contact with humans or animals causing image, health and liability  problems or concerns.

  Before 1997 we did General Pest Control along with Bird, Bee & Gopher Control work under the name Aaardvark Pest Control, Inc. which was started in 1978 until I sold our business which had routes all over the Phoenix and the East valley area to the largest pest management company in the world so we could just specialize in Pigeon & Bird Control or Exclusion and Bee Removal.

    After 32 plus years in the Bird and Pest control business we have learned a great deal through training provided by some of our suppliers, membership in the Nation Pest Management Association and the Arizona Pest Professional Organization, but our real training comes from 1000's of man-hours of both hands on field work and experimental application work using different exclusion or deterrent materials and methods to find out what looks good and about what will work and what will not work in different situations and structures. The manufactures of different bird materials sometimes make claims that don't hold up as claimed to the birds or to the intense desert heat or the north country cold, rain and snow. 

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